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Clutch Desmo Tours is an official DUCATI Travel Partner

Clutch – “We go all the way!” brand was established in 2013 by Rožle Verhovc, a motorcycle enthusiast and a professional tour guide from Slovenia with more than 18 years of experience. What started out as a passion project, developed into one of the leading European motorcycle tour specialists, annually operating more than 20 different tours in Europe and Asia. Recently, the company reached a truly important milestone – it has been selected for a member of the exclusive certified DUCATI Travel Partners group. By following a simple philosophy “We go all the way”, Clutch has managed to achieve the very best results and enabled his clients to experience the very best of every country they travel through. Together with his dear friend and passionate rider Marko Jurman from Croatia, Rožle established Clutch Desmo Tours, a new brand designed to provide unique Ducati travel experience worldwide for all Ducati riders. The Clutch Desmo Tours team shares commitment, passion and personalized approach, which have been recognized also by the most prestigious motorcycle travel group – the DUCATI.

With Clutch Desmo Tours you’re on the right track to living your dreams

Travelling with Clutch Desmo Tours, the Travel Partner 2020 of DUCATI, will put you beyond doubt on the right track to live your dreams. Clutch`s tours are carefully planned in accordance with the highest DUCATI standards, which pay special attention to details, knowledge and style. Clutch Desmo Tours operates guided, self-guided and tailor-made motorcycle tours with latest DUCATI motorcycle models that are maintained and serviced by official DUCATI service centres. All the tours are supervised by a certified Clutch tour guide, who ensures professional support in all the aspects of the tour. The selection of available motorcycles and the latest DUCATI gear reflect the needs of the clients and the characteristics of the tours.

With Clutch Desmo Tours, you will discover some of the Europe’s most beautiful destinations, including Italy, Alps and also the countries of former Yugoslavia, Black Sea coastal countries and Iran. The experience, knowledge of places, local people, languages and cultures are the main advantages of the Clutch Desmo Tours and at the same time guarantee that your motorcycle journey with Clutch Desmo Tours will be an unforgettable adventure. Remember: Clutch’s tours are carefully planned, the secret lies in the details: it starts with choosing the best roads for motorcycle riders, which reveal amazing views, and goes on with choosing the best cafes, restaurants, hotels and attractions, which bring you closer to the character of the countries you travel through.

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